Essential Rose Oil



Rose oil helps balance and heal the heart. As one of the most beautiful flowers in the plant kingdom it has been a symbol of romance, love, empathy and poetry throughout the ages. Essential rose oil calms the mind, nerves and emotions. It can aid in childbirth, depression, dissappointment, healing, and the balancing of hormones.

One of the reasons rose oil is such a high commodity on the oil market is because it takes 5,000 pounds of fresh petals to produce 1 pound of essential oil – But a little goes a long way! The best quality rose oil comes from the Rosa Damascena from Bulgaria and the Rosa Centifolia from Algeria and Egypt.

Long used as an aphrodisiac, the rose scent from it’s petals has been used for attraction in bedrooms, baths and talismans. The scent of the rose has been often associated with Venus (the Goddess of love), Christ and the Angelic realm. It is a very gentle oil and can be used in a number of way’s including: baths, aromalamps, candles, massage oil, honey, steam therapy, astringents and room or linen sprays.

Stones of the Heart

February, the month of LOVE. Whether it’s focusing on love for ourselves or love for others, Valentine’s Day sure puts love in the air. Because people may or may not have a valentine for the holiday, I’d like to offer some fun ways of working with stones and love that can be practiced at any time of the year. In both of these exercises we’ll be focusing on the heart, the center of where love comes from. Following the exercises is a short list of recommended stone’s to use and why.



Focusing and Invoking Self-Love

  1. Choose a stone to work with and cleanse it
  2. Find an undisturbed area to sit in
  3. Holding the stone in your hands, focus on your breathing
  4. Take 3 deep breaths, in and out, as you center yourself
  5. While breathing focus on the stone in your hand. What does it feel like? How does it and it’s color make you feel?
  6. Take a few minute’s to become familiar with the stone
  7. Bring the stone with both hands covering it to your heart center
  8. Hold the stone here for 10-15 minutes untill you have finished the following visualization: Visualize the sky above you parting and rays of pink, gold and green shine down upon you, filling and overflowing your heart and body. You can sense and feel that this is God’s and the Angel’s pure love and light, pouring down from heaven just for you. As the stones energy amplifies this love, you can feel all your fears, worries, sadness and blockages melt away and be replaced with compassion, peace, joy and love.
  9. Hold this visualization and feel the love, for 10-15 minutes, to allow sufficant time for the stone to absorb the energy
  10. Open your eyes when you’re ready
  11. Know that the stone has been charged with God’s pure love and light, just for you and you can hold the stone to you’r heart or repeat the exercise whenever you need to
  12. Give yourself a BIG hug

Focusing and Sharing love with another (This makes a great gift!)

  1. Repeat steps 1-8 in the above exercise
  2. Focus on the one you would like to express your love to. Remember, the stones hold energy
  3. As you visualize this other, see yourself loving them, both of you in complete bliss and joy, living a beautiful life together. See yourself treating this person with love and kindness, imagine the highest expression of love. As you feel this love building up in your heart, know that the stone is absorbing and amplifying it’s energy.
  4. Hold this feeling and visualization for 10-15 minutes, enough time for the stone to absorb the energy
  5. When you’re done say the person’s name 3 times
  6. Open your eyes when you’re ready
  7. Share your gift of love with the person you used in the visulization, have them hold it to their heart.

Excellent stones for the heart and why:


  • Aventurine- activates & clears the heart chakra
  • Chrysoprase- helps to heal a broken heart
  • Emerald- promotes domestic harmony, sensitivity & faithfullness
  • Green Quartz- opens the heart & aids intuition concerning love
  • Jade- deepens capacity for love
  • Malachite- expands the ability to love
  • Moldavite- helps clear out old emotional baggage
  • Peridot- attracts love


  • Kunzite- helps to express & feel self, unconditional & romantic love
  • Rhodocrosite- promotes love & balance
  • Rhodonite- activates & energizes the heart chakra, aids in self-love
  • Rose Quartz- stimulates love & promotes peace, happiness & fidelity


  • Ruby- increases passion
  • Unakite- pink awakens love & the green heals
  • Bi-color Tourmaline- pink helps open our trust to love & the green help’s us to see with the heart

Have fun and remember to spread the LOVE.

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