Essential Rose Oil



Rose oil helps balance and heal the heart. As one of the most beautiful flowers in the plant kingdom it has been a symbol of romance, love, empathy and poetry throughout the ages. Essential rose oil calms the mind, nerves and emotions. It can aid in childbirth, depression, dissappointment, healing, and the balancing of hormones.

One of the reasons rose oil is such a high commodity on the oil market is because it takes 5,000 pounds of fresh petals to produce 1 pound of essential oil – But a little goes a long way! The best quality rose oil comes from the Rosa Damascena from Bulgaria and the Rosa Centifolia from Algeria and Egypt.

Long used as an aphrodisiac, the rose scent from it’s petals has been used for attraction in bedrooms, baths and talismans. The scent of the rose has been often associated with Venus (the Goddess of love), Christ and the Angelic realm. It is a very gentle oil and can be used in a number of way’s including: baths, aromalamps, candles, massage oil, honey, steam therapy, astringents and room or linen sprays.


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