Welcoming Summer

Summer SolsticeSummer Solstice has been a period of great tribal gatherings since ancient times.  These people of the old path believed that the Summer Solstice signified the Goddess manifesting as Mother Earth and the God manifesting as the Sun King.  It was a time of powerful abundance, and balance between male and female energies.  The Summer Solstice will soon be upon us, June 21st to be exact!  This is the zenith of the sun, the longest day of the year, and the perfect time to do spells, prayers, or meditations for abundance and prosperity.  Summer Solstice, also known as Midsummer, Litha, or St. John’s Day, is a time of celebration, energy, balance, and new beginnings…how do you want to start your summer?  What do you want to manifest for the rest of your year?

Here are some ideas for you to add excitement, joy, and abundance to the new season:

  • Decorate your space (or yourself) in the Summer Solstice colors of yellow, green, blue, and gold.
  • Find a Solstice festival to attend, or create your own at home with a few close friends!  If possible, prepare a bonfire (feast optional!) and exchange songs, stories, or gifts.
  • Stay up all night on Solstice Eve and welcome the rising sun at dawn.
  • Make a pledge to Mother Earth of something that you will do to help create a better environment.  Make a concrete plan of action that you will carry out.
  • Keep an I-Ching coin in your pocket for the month of June to promote abundance and good fortune.
  • Stop in and say hi to the Earth-Lore crew: Jen, Marilyn, Grant, Ben, Angie, Leo, and Angus.  We don’t have hot dogs or bonfires, but we have plenty of gold candles and love to go around!
  • Create a new ritual for abundance, say your prayers or meditate outside as much as possible this month (especially during the day time when you can soak up the warmth and energy of the sun!).
  • Spread Yarrow flowers and Bay Leaves around the perimeter of your house during mid-day and say a prayer for protection and prosperity in the new season!

Have a beautiful June!


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