Lingam Stones

Lingam Stone

Lingam Stone

The Lingam is one of the oldest religious symbols of civilization. It was recognized as far back as the ancient Indus valley civilization for it’s healing power. The Lingam represents a form of energy which is within each of us. We are all made up of male and female energy. Too much of one or the other is destructive, causing imbalance.  Through the union of opposites the energies of creation are released.

Within the Lingam are two kinds of minerals fused together under great pressure, representing not only the duality of man and woman, but also a world of constant change, as no two lingams are alike. The vertical or phallic shape of the lingam represents the stream of man’s expanding consciousness and evolution upward (knowledge). The horizontal or red female lips of the Lingam represents the contracting stream of female consciousness and evolution inward (wisdom). The oval shape represents the continuous, unending motion of the universe as it expands and contracts, forever changing but never ending.

The Lingam resonates with the chakra centers and helps to realign and balance them. It also works as a very grounding and centering tool. Just like a crystal, the Lingam should be washed and cleared of all energy. This can be done by running water over it in a river or the sink for at least 20 minutes. Once it is clear you may hold it, putting your energy into it. The more you work with it the more powerful it will become and the more strength you will be able to pull from it when you need. If any other energy touches it all you have to do is wash it again holding on to it this time and your energy will be saved. This method may also be used to release stress by putting it into the lingam and washing it away.

Hotei Buddha



The Hotei Buddha , also known as Bu-Dai, is based on a Buddhist monk who supposedly lived during China ‘s Liang Dynasty (about 1,000 years ago).  He was such a kind and benevolent man that many people believed him to be an incarnation of Maitreya, the Future Buddha.

He is often seen carrying a sack, which is filled with precious items such as rice plants (for wealth), candy for children, and food. His fan is called an oogi, and is the type of item that Chinese aristocrats would wave to indicate that a request had been granted.  Beads in his hand or around the neck signify spirituality, and a beggar’s bowl a humble Buddhist nature.

Hotei is the patron of the weak, the poor, and children.  He is always traveling, taking away the sadness from all the people of the world.

Common folklore suggests that rubbing a Hotei’s belly can bring wealth or good luck.

In Japan , Hotei is one of the Seven Shinto Gods of Luck.


by Angela

The Moon

The Moon

Moon questions have been coming up a lot lately at both Earth-Lore stores; so, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to share some vital information on this illuminating Goddess who watches over us!

The moon is the symbol of the mother aspect of the Goddess, bringer of fertility and inspiration. She is a light in the darkness, and the opener of the third eye. Revel in her beauty!!!!!

The great mother (moon) Goddess has been worshipped by societies for millennia. She has been known by many names throughout many different cultures and eras. In Mesopotamia she was known as Ishtar . She is Freya to the Norse, in Greece she is Artemis , and Hecate , and in Rome she is Diana , and Luna . The mother aspect of the Goddess is also part of the Triple Goddess represented in the moon: Maiden, Mother, and Crone (waxing moon, full moon, and waning moon). She rules over the tides, magic, wisdom, serenity, cycles of life, and childbirth (fertility). She presides over emotions, healing, and meditation. Look to the mother moon for peace, inspiration, a bountiful garden, a new child (or finding your inner child), and abundance in every aspect of your life!

The phases of the moon go like this: new moon, waxing crescent, first quarter, waxing gibbous, full moon, waning gibbous, last or fourth quarter, and waning crescent. Try planning your rituals and meditations for manifesting in sync with the phases of the moon. You will be able to enhance your magic with the feminine energy of the moon Goddess while empowering your intent with her beauty, wisdom, inspiration, and bounty. Sound like fun? Here are some tips that may help you:

New Moon: The new moon is a time of new beginnings. This is the perfect time to plant the seed for new ideas, projects, relationships, marriages or partnerships, house blessings, and businesses. New endeavors that begin on the new moon are more likely to be successful and prosperous.

Waxing Moon: This is the Maiden aspect of the Goddess. This is the perfect time for rituals, projects, ideas, jobs, and recreation involving creativity and the arts. This is the perfect time to start writing or reading that book you’ve been putting off, picking up the instrument you’ve always wanted to learn, or that painting you’ve been wanting to finish. All endeavors begun intentionally during the waxing moon will be empowered with emotion, passion, inspiration, and creativity.

Full Moon: The full moon is the Mother aspect of the Goddess. This is a time of fulfillment, and celebration. At this phase of the moon, psychic power is at its greatest! This the prime time to get clarity on any unresolved issues you may have. The Mother will help you, with her soft, loving energy, to see past illusions to the heart of any problem. Meditations done during the full moon will most likely bring the peace of mind, comfort, clarity, blessing, and wisdom you may need for any situation.

Waning Moon: This is the Crone aspect of the Goddess. This is a time for rest and reflection. This is not a fruitful time for magic or manifestation; however, it is a great time to give thanks to the Universe, the Earth, and those you love for all of the blessings they’ve bestowed to you. This is also the perfect time to send out any extra prayers for peace and love to our Universe. This will help ensure her rejuvenation (and your own!).

For more info: Moon Magick. By: D.J. Conway . This book has everything from moon myths, to recipes, rituals, and craftwork…an excellent book to help you stay moon-minded!




The word mantra comes from India and Tibet and means “divine speech” or “tool of the mind.” They are like positive affirmations or chants, only said in Sanskrit. There’s a lot of different ways you can work with mantras. I’m going to discuss one way that I have learned and seems to be commonly used. But first, a little more about mantras.

Mantras can be used for various reasons and are very powerful. Really, any form of repetitive chanting can be. They can be used to give praise to a God or Goddess, healing, love, astrology, most emotional, mental, physical or spiritual dilemmas. Buddhists believe that there are 108 earthly desires such as greed, fear, anger, jealousy etc., so to help combat these 108 earthly desires the chosen mantra is repeated 108 times per day for 40 days. Practicing at the same time in the same place everyday is very beneficial to the practice.

Some people chose to work with a mala, or Indian prayer beads. Malas are made from different materials from stone to wood and seed’s. The material the mala is made of is usually personal preference. They are typically strung with 108 beads and the mantra is repeated with the turn of each bead.

One good example of why mantras work so well is because they help break our negative thinking patterns (sometimes called pain tapes). A negative thinking pattern would be something negative that you believe and repeat to your self throughout the day. An example is “ I’m not smart enough “ or “I’m dumb”. By repeating this daily, not only do we believe it of ourselves, but manifest our world around us into a reflection that “I am dumb”. By repeating the mantra 108 times a day for 40 days, you break this negative thinking pattern and begin to reprogram yourself and your life in a positive way.  Here are a few mantras to try out. Have fun! Namaste.

OM (as in home) –the vibration of the Universe

OM NAMA SHIVAYA (om na-ma she-vi-ah) – Om & salutations, may the elements of this creation abide in me in full manifestation.

OM SHANTI OM (om sh-on-tee om)- Om dynamic peace om.

AHAM PREMA (ah-ham pray-ma)- I am divine love.

OM RAM RAMAYA NAMAHA ( om ra-m ra-m-I-ya nah-ma-ha)-healing mantra

OM MANI PADME HUNG (om ma-nee pod-may hung)-the jewel of conciousness is in the hearts lotus.

We also carry c.d.s that chant mantra’s and book’s and carry a variety of malas.

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