Lingam Stones

Lingam Stone

Lingam Stone

The Lingam is one of the oldest religious symbols of civilization. It was recognized as far back as the ancient Indus valley civilization for it’s healing power. The Lingam represents a form of energy which is within each of us. We are all made up of male and female energy. Too much of one or the other is destructive, causing imbalance.  Through the union of opposites the energies of creation are released.

Within the Lingam are two kinds of minerals fused together under great pressure, representing not only the duality of man and woman, but also a world of constant change, as no two lingams are alike. The vertical or phallic shape of the lingam represents the stream of man’s expanding consciousness and evolution upward (knowledge). The horizontal or red female lips of the Lingam represents the contracting stream of female consciousness and evolution inward (wisdom). The oval shape represents the continuous, unending motion of the universe as it expands and contracts, forever changing but never ending.

The Lingam resonates with the chakra centers and helps to realign and balance them. It also works as a very grounding and centering tool. Just like a crystal, the Lingam should be washed and cleared of all energy. This can be done by running water over it in a river or the sink for at least 20 minutes. Once it is clear you may hold it, putting your energy into it. The more you work with it the more powerful it will become and the more strength you will be able to pull from it when you need. If any other energy touches it all you have to do is wash it again holding on to it this time and your energy will be saved. This method may also be used to release stress by putting it into the lingam and washing it away.


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