The word mantra comes from India and Tibet and means “divine speech” or “tool of the mind.” They are like positive affirmations or chants, only said in Sanskrit. There’s a lot of different ways you can work with mantras. I’m going to discuss one way that I have learned and seems to be commonly used. But first, a little more about mantras.

Mantras can be used for various reasons and are very powerful. Really, any form of repetitive chanting can be. They can be used to give praise to a God or Goddess, healing, love, astrology, most emotional, mental, physical or spiritual dilemmas. Buddhists believe that there are 108 earthly desires such as greed, fear, anger, jealousy etc., so to help combat these 108 earthly desires the chosen mantra is repeated 108 times per day for 40 days. Practicing at the same time in the same place everyday is very beneficial to the practice.

Some people chose to work with a mala, or Indian prayer beads. Malas are made from different materials from stone to wood and seed’s. The material the mala is made of is usually personal preference. They are typically strung with 108 beads and the mantra is repeated with the turn of each bead.

One good example of why mantras work so well is because they help break our negative thinking patterns (sometimes called pain tapes). A negative thinking pattern would be something negative that you believe and repeat to your self throughout the day. An example is “ I’m not smart enough “ or “I’m dumb”. By repeating this daily, not only do we believe it of ourselves, but manifest our world around us into a reflection that “I am dumb”. By repeating the mantra 108 times a day for 40 days, you break this negative thinking pattern and begin to reprogram yourself and your life in a positive way.  Here are a few mantras to try out. Have fun! Namaste.

OM (as in home) –the vibration of the Universe

OM NAMA SHIVAYA (om na-ma she-vi-ah) – Om & salutations, may the elements of this creation abide in me in full manifestation.

OM SHANTI OM (om sh-on-tee om)- Om dynamic peace om.

AHAM PREMA (ah-ham pray-ma)- I am divine love.

OM RAM RAMAYA NAMAHA ( om ra-m ra-m-I-ya nah-ma-ha)-healing mantra

OM MANI PADME HUNG (om ma-nee pod-may hung)-the jewel of conciousness is in the hearts lotus.

We also carry c.d.s that chant mantra’s and book’s and carry a variety of malas.


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