The Sound of Peace

by Angela



In Sanskrit calligraphy, the mystic symbol Om is the symbolic representation of Brahman (the Hindu creator of the Universe). It is described in the Upanishads (one of the most sacred of Hindu texts) as the sound that creates and sustains the cosmos. It is said that the entire Universe (past, present, and future) is encompassed by its utterance. The Om is comprised of the three sounds of A, U, and M. These sounds are thought to represent the three prominent Hindu gods who control the wheel of life: Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. These three gods also symbolize the three human states of dreaming, sleeping, and waking, and the three human capacities of desire, knowledge, and action.

Om is used as a mantra in meditation and alternative healing practices such as Crystal Therapy, Sound Healing, Reiki, and Healing Touch. It is the pinnacle sound in sacred ceremonies and practices of various religions such as: Hinduism, Buddhism, and Sufism.

The Om is a Universal sound and symbol of peace. You can use its utterance and symbolic presence to enhance all areas of your life! Here are some examples of ways you can incorporate this masterful symbol/sound into your life now:

  • Meditate using The Eternal Om, a CD available at Earth Lore!
  • Place an Om symbol on the front door of your home or office. It will bring peace to all who enter! It will also radiate peace to all who pass by!
  • Chant the Om as a mantra along with Diaphragmic Breathing to enhance focus, reduce mental clutter, and raise your physical energy to tackle any difficult endeavor!
  • Use the Om to deepen meditation. The vibration from its utterance will bring you instant tranquility!
  • Draw or put a sticker of the Om symbol on anything in your life that occurs as “stressful” for you: car, checkbook, computer, scale, mirror, etc. The Om will be a constant reminder that Universal peace is available to you in every moment of every day!
  • Visit Earth Lore for Om music, pendants, stickers, journals, books, rings, t-shirts, mantra cards, and much more!

Quan Yin, Ascended Master

Quan Yin

Quan Yin

…or Kuanshih Yin,  Kwan Yin, Guanyin, Quan’Am, Kannon, Kanin, Kwannon, just to name a few of the different spellings for Quan Yin.

In China, Quan Yin is known as the Goddess of Mercy, the embodiment of compassionate, loving kindness, “She who harkens to the cries of the world.” She carries the same connotations as our Mother Mary, Isis, Shakti, Paravati, Radha or Sita. She is perhaps one of the most common “eastern icons” to be found on the market (besides Buddha, of course).

Legend says that Quan Yin is a bodhisattva, or “ enlightened one”, but she took a vow to not enter heaven until everyone of us becomes enlightened. Basically, helping all other souls through their journey in this life and onto the next. Quan Yin is often depicted with one or more dragons, which are an ancient symbol for wisdom, high spirituality, strength & divine power of transformation.  Often she is depicted carrying the pearls of illumination, a sheaf of ripe rice, a bowl of rice seed (used as a metaphor for sustenance and fertility), or a kalasa. ‘Kalasa’ in Buddhism is a vase. The kalasa is filled with the “water of life”, with this water all living things are blessed with spiritual peace. Other symbols associated with Quan Yin are a willow branch (used to sprinkle the divine nectar of life), a dove (representing fecundity), a book of scrolls or prayers (to represent the teaching of the buddha), and a rosary.

In Mahayana Buddhism and Hinduism, we find Avalokitesvara, the male embodiment of compassion. Who was born from a ray of light that sprang from Amitabha Buddha’s right eye, while he was in a state of ecstasy. Often pictures or statues of Avalokitesvara depict him with multiple arm’s and heads, the story is told that Avalokiteswara “the compassionate one”, descended into hell converted the wicked, liberated them and conducted them to the paradise of his spiritual father, Amitabha. Avalokiteswara discovered that for every culprit converted and liberated another instantly took his place and legend claims that his head split into ten pieces from grief and despair on discovering the extent of wickedness in the world and the utter hopelessness of saving all mankind. Amitabha caused each piece to become a head and placed the head on the body of his spiritual son. Avalokiteswara, in three tiers, heads of three, with the tenth head on top and his own image above them all. Thus, the “one looking Lord “ was endowed with twenty two eyes instead of two, to see all suffering, and eleven brains instead of one, to concentrate on the best means of saving mankind. The three tiers of heads indicate that Avalokiteswara looks down on the three world, word of desire, world of live form and world of no form. Avalokiteswara’s mantra is “ om mani padme hung”, (the jewel in the lotus). Some believe that our Dali Lama is an incarnation of Avalokiteswara.

In Tibet, we find Chengresik, is the name of their compassionate God.

Which ever name you use to call upon her is up to you, your prayers will always be heard and answered. Quan Yin is not bound to any one religion, only distressed hearts and souls.

Quan Yin works with the sixth ray, the indigo ray and the third eye.  According to Doreen Virtue in Archangels and Ascended Masters ,her color is red, the color of passion and compassion. Quan Yin can aid with compassion, clairvoyance, feminine grace, beauty & power, kindness, love (receiving and giving), mercy, music abilities, protection, fertility & children, spiritual gifts & enlightenment. Her mantra is “namah quan shah yin pu’ sah”, pronounced “na moh quan shi yin pooh sah”

There is no sacred ritual that must be conducted for invoking Kuanshih Yin, just call out her name with great sincerity and your prayers will be heard. You can also recite her mantra whenever you feel you need to.

Spring Cleaning

by Angela

Spring CleaningSo often, as human beings, we allow ourselves to accumulate junk, literally and metaphorically speaking. Even Mother Nature knows there is a time for renewal, for rejuvenation, for discarding the dead roots of the past, and planting fresh seeds of the future.

With spring at our doorstep now, I believe we’re being called to take outrageous action: to do a complete overhaul of our old emotions, habits, grudges, guilt, regrets, and ways of being that don’t work for us anymore. What do you want to clean out of your space to begin anew this season?  Are you hanging on to too many old pictures and memories of a past that no longer serves you? Do you have a looong list of people you haven’t forgiven for past transgressions? Do you have debts to pay off, guilt to discard, junk drawers (or rooms) that are calling to be cleaned?

Now is the time to take inventory of your life, to begin a sort of “spring cleaning” of the self, to gently let go of the old to make room for the new, the transformed.

Where do we begin?

I propose we begin with White Sage and Meditation!

  • Open all the windows in your home/office/space. Light a White Sage smudge stick, and cleanse every room/corner with the Sage smoke.
  • Put out your smudge stick and close your windows. Light a small white candle/tea-light in each room. Put 3-4 drops of Peppermint Essential Oil on each candle. While the candles are burning, write down a list of all of the things in your life you are ready to let go of/give up to make room for the NEW! Focus your attention on your GOALS, not HOW you’re going to accomplish them.
  • Let the candles burn themselves out. Speak a declaration into each room, such as: “I am whole, perfect, and complete. I am ready for my renewal.”

Helpful hints:

Here are some questions to ask, and tips to assist you in your “spring cleaning”!

  • To define your goals for this spring, here are some questions to ask yourself before writing down specifics: What habits do I want to break? Who have I not forgiven? What guilt am I holding on to? Are there any relationships I have not cleared? Are there any tasks/repairs around the home/office I’ve been putting off? Is there anything I have said or done that I have not taken responsibility for? Do I owe anyone money, or services? Is there a book, project, etc. that I haven’t completed?
  • Keep your “spring cleaning” list in a visible place (on the fridge, desk, etc.). Cross off each goal as you complete them.
  • Keep a piece of Quartz Crystal on you AT ALL TIMES, until your list is completed.
  • Put a dab of Peppermint Essential Oil on the crown of your head/or on your 3rd Eye (not if you have sensitive skin!) every morning. This will help you to stay focused on your renewal process!

Earth-Lore has a variety of Sage blends to choose from, Quartz Crystals, Essential Oils, and candles. We’re your one-stop shop for SPRING CLEANING! I hope this article helps open up new possibilities, abundance, and adventures for you this season and in the year to come!

Peace & Blessings to you from the Earth Lore family.

Maia and the Month of May

by Grant


It’s May, and even a blind and deaf person can tell that it is now solidly Springtime.  Now, there is really only one thing associated with Spring, and that (of course) is fertility.  It stands to reason, then, that in this month of May we examine the goddess Maia, for whom the month is named.

Maia is known to both the Greeks and Romans, though the Romans also call her Fauna, Bona Dea, and Ops.  Frankly, it matters little what a person chooses to call their fertility deity – in every pantheon of gods (as far as I can think of) there is at least one, usually feminine, and often associated with the fields.

This is a time of year to appreciate the blooming of life around us.  Every living thing, from the flowers to the bees to the people walking down the street is getting into the groove, feeling the sun, and smelling the aroma of things growing.  The smell gets me particularly – it’s like free, natural incense.

So, in any case, it’s a good time to honor those deities who devote their time to making flowers bloom and people fall in love.  Why not do so by actually going outside, smelling the flowers, and falling in love – either with another person or in the beauty of the things emerging everywhere.

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