by Larissa

Yule Log & Candles

Yule Log & Candles

In ancient times the winter solstice festivals were celebrated to commemorate solar deities, such as Jesus or Mithra, and lure the sun god back to earth following the darkest days of the year. The days becoming longer, or the return of the sun, guaranteed good health, fertility, and strength in the coming year. Some gods and goddesses to honor during the solstice


  • Virgin Mary
  • Gaia
  • Eve
  • Lilith
  • Freya
  • Maat
  • Pandora
  • Ivy Queen


  • Jesus
  • Mithra
  • Odin
  • Sol
  • Saturn
  • Apollo
  • Balder
  • Lugh
  • Cronos
  • Helios
  • Holly King

Traditionally on the eve of Yule large bonfires were lit, it was believed that the sacred blaze gave power and life to the sun. God is the sun who “dies” on Samhain as the days became shorter and darker but who returns after this darkest night of the year to again bring fertility and warmth. Later, the fire was brought indoors and the Yule log was burned in fire places. Even if no fireplace is available, a Yule log can be created and celebrated. Generally a Yule log should be at least 13 inches long by 5 inches tall. Carve images of blazing suns and other magickal symbols into the log and candles. Take into account the width of candles and bore holes into the log at least ¾ to 1 inch deep to accommodate the bottoms of the candles. To honor the triple Goddess, use candles in white, red, and black . In addition to red: orange and gold are also “god colors”, adorned in carved sun images, the candles were traditional in Slavic regions. Decorate the log carefully so herbs don’t touch candles, as they are flammable. Use herbs such as:

  • Mistletoe
  • Cedar
  • Rosemary
  • Bay
  • Juniper
  • or any other Evergreen

The herbs bring the essence of nature and wilderness inside during this time of introspection and solitude. The burning of the Yule log will refresh the home’s energies. Light your candle the eve before Yule and say the following blessing

May the log burn

May the Wheel Turn

May Evil Spurn

May the Sun Return

Some may wish to save ashes from the Yule log all year as a talisman of protection, strength, health, and fertility.

On Yule, no excessive work should be done, and an apple should be eaten . Taking a cleansing bath on the solstice is said to bring fortune in the following year; use rosemary, bay, pine, and a coin tied in a wash cloth. The bath ensures the last 6 months worries will be shrugged off. The eve before Yule sip cider or ale and eat cookies or cake. Mulling spices are available at earth lore for spiced cider or wine beverages. The element water is represented by drink, while earth is represented by the cake or cookies. A fragrant garland for evergreen trees can be made by stringing dried cinnamon sticks and Rose buds. We bring in evergreens to remind us of continuing growth and life on Earth. Placing lights or candles on the tree ensures the home will have a year of plenty, warmth, and light. Witch balls, another protective element were often hung alongside candles. At Earth lore, we have clip on tree candle holders, for small chime candles. We also have some beautiful white flame less taper candles as well, for those of us who can’t sit idle all night to monitor the candles. Burning candles during the Yule tide season acts to lure back the sun and also honors the virgin goddess. This season is associated not only with solitude and introspection, but also peace, love, and joy!!! Enjoy the Holidays with your family and friends!! Blessed Be.


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