Sandalwood – Precious Oil of Love

by Angela



The name ‘Sandalwood’ is used to define a variety of fragrant woods produced by trees of the genus Santalum. The Santalum are medium sized, hemi-parasitic trees grown in India, Australia, Indonesia, and the Pacific Islands. The most precious Sandalwood produced of the Santalum family is the fragrant wood of the Santalum Album tree in India. The trees are currently being harvested around age fourteen, before they mature, and the bark is distilled in a delicate four-step process to produce the Essential Oil of Sandalwood. The Essential Oil is sought world-wide by perfumeries, cosmetic companies, and healing practitioners for its exotic fragrance and aromatherapeutic properties.

Why is Sandalwood so expensive?

There is some controversy over the harvesting of Santalum trees, especially the precious Indian variety of Santalum Album. Southern and Western Indian Santalum trees are currently a threatened species as they are being over-harvested at an alarming rate. Though the trees, and the land on which they grow are now government controlled, the trees are being illegally cut down and smuggled out of the country to be sold. As legally harvested Indian Sandalwood becomes harder to come by, the prices for pure Sandalwood bark, powder, and oil continue to rise. The production simply cannot meet the demand. Essential Oil of Sandalwood is especially expensive due to the fact that it takes several pounds of chips to distill one ½ ounce of pure oil.

Metaphysical Uses for Sandalwood

Chipped and powdered Sandalwood can be burned as an incense, or used in talismans. Sandalwood oil can be worn as a fragrance, burned in an aromatic diffuser, or used in making various body products. Sandalwood is a very high vibrational fragrance and can be used in rituals and prayers for protection, healing, love, purification, and wish fulfillment.

Because Sandalwood works with the energy of the moon, it is a powerful scent to burn or wear during Full Moon rituals. Mix the Sandalwood with Frankincense oil or incense for spiritual purification and cleansing.

Mix Sandalwood and Lavender Essential Oils and apply to the Crown Chakra to facilitate spirit and angel communication.

The Precious Oil of Love

Because Sandalwood is such a spiritual fragrance, it can be used to enhance love-making. Place 2-3 drops of Sandalwood Essential Oil on you and your partner’s 3rd Eye Chakra to magnify sexual pleasure, and heighten orgasm.

Another great tip: make your own Love Drawing Oil with Sandalwood. The following recipe is very effective, but don’t hesitate to add an extra stone or oil if you are drawn to do so.

Love Drawing Oil Recipe

  • To 2 ½ oz. Sweet Almond Oil and ½ oz. Sesame Oil add:
  • 8 drops Essential Sandalwood Oil
  • 6 drops Rose Oil (fragrance will do)
  • 4 drops Essential Patchouli Oil
  • 1 small piece of Turquoise
  • 1 small piece of Lodestone

Apply daily to attract a new love, or maintain harmony in a current relationship.


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