Living With Psoriasis

by Larissa

Psoriasis is difficult to treat, painful, and often embarrassing.  Although attributed to heredity, environmental factors; especially prolonged injuries, food allergies and stress, are now acknowledged as contributors. This skin condition is recognized by thick or scaly patches of skin most often occurring around the extensor part of a joint such as: the elbows, knees, hands,fingers, toenails,  and feet. Dermal cells multiply at ten times the normal rate, bunching up rather than laying smooth and flat. When treating at home, or even by a professional, it’s important to address what could be causing the ailment.

Internal issues must be dealt with when it comes to improving skin disorders. No one likes to hear everyday routine things such as; smoking, alcohol, caffeine, dairy, meat, spicy foods, and even fruits high in acid, can cause skin flare ups. However, by omitting these things from the diet for at least a few weeks, one may find immense relief.

If hereditary, severity of symptoms may be reduced by making lifestyle changes, and sticking to them. Orthodox treatment with ointments, cortisone, and steroids will temporarily suppress the condition.  Outside the condition may improve, while internally the ailment may go deeper, possibly  manifesting as a more serious disorder. Once medication is removed a harsh rebound of the ailment can occur as the body has become reliant on the drugs. The main reason for failure in healing any problem naturally is too few are prepared to stick to lifestyle changes, largely due to social pressures. Be  disciplined with yourself and be prepared for positive changes, you and your body will be together a long time.

Of all the things books and articles have suggested, one keeps popping up, stress reduction.  It makes sense since stress throws hormones out of whack, resulting in imbalances.  Getting a massage on a regular basis promotes well-being, allowing the mind/body connection to heal.  Along with stress reduction, be sure to moisturize properly.  Essential oils are used to treat inflamed areas in a number of ways from compresses to baths. Use care to not scrub or massage the area vigorously as it may further irritate the area. In addition when taking healing baths do not use extremely hot water.

Some essential oils to try are:

  • Lavender
  • Bergamot
  • Chamomile

Try adding two drops of each to two ounces fragrance free lotion. Also try mixing the above into an avocado base oil for a massage oil to smooth irritated scales. Do not add oil directly to a huge bottle,  make up small amounts of treatments.  Concoctions should be shelved no longer than two weeks unless preserved to prevent spoilage. To treat stress and anxiety, try Bach flower Rescue Remedy spray and Rescue Remedy cream for a topical.

Often the skin is referred to as the third lung.  We take in nutrients through skin and release toxins as well. Some herbs to try in a bath bag include:

  • Birch Bark
  • Chamomile
  • Lavender
  • Comfrey Root

Herbal baths are not only medicinal, they are a great stress reducer.  If you doubt the efficiency of herbal baths or topical treatments, rub half a raw garlic clove on the bottom of the foot.  Within minutes you will taste the garlic! Consult your primary care physician about supplementing with fatty acids,  dairy substitutes, and other dietary changes.

Earth Lore carries all of the herbs mentioned in this article, as well as the Bach remedies.


1 Comment

  1. Dawn Pietruk said,

    March 30, 2010 at 3:21 pm

    My brother, Ryan, had the reddest, most irritated cheeks when he was a baby. We had to read the ingredients before we purchased certain grocery items. At that time, the doctor prescribed a cream for him…from Australia, which was brownish, and stained his pillows. He’s not bothered by it now, but your suggestions and insights are helpful to those who suffer from this affliction now.

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