Sardonyx – A Stone with Character

by Grant



Sardonyx is a banded variety of cryptocrystalline (made from microscopically small crystals) quartz.  It forms in several colors (black, brown, green, orange, red), but most often we come across them in orange and/or black.

First, sardonyx promotes harmony in marriages and partnerships.  It attracts new friends, and strengthens the bond between partners of any kind.  It does this by helping one to overcome hesitancy, and clarifying the path to honorable actions.  It helps in the development of one’s ‘true’ character, and promotes integrity.  Carry a piece of sardonyx with you at any time when you are finding it difficult to do the ‘right thing’.

In addition, it is a stone of home protection.  Place a piece of sardonyx in each corner of the house, and also at doors and windows to prevent home intrusions and theft.

It has also been mentioned biblically, and is said to be one of the stones used in the Hoshen (breastplate of the high priest) in the book of Exodus.

Earth Lore carries sardonyx as tumbled stones, and also as freestanding pieces.


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