by Larissa

Lughnasadh, also called Lammas, is the first of three harvest festivals celebrated on August 1st. It marks the sun’s mid-point of leo in the tropical zodiac. Symbolically, this Sabbat is a time of gain, or ripening of fruits. The promise of Spring planting is realized.

Also called Loaf Mass, this is a time for baking bread and harvesting wheat, berries, crab apples, and grain. As summer passes, remember with happiness its warmth and bounty in the food we eat. Be reminded that nothing in the universe in constant. Everything goes through a cycle of seed beginning, followed by established growth, corruption and decay, death, and often in a wiser more integrated form; eventual rebirth.

This holiday, synonymous with burial, birth, and bread  is not a somber time. Now the sun fades and dies, the crops will be cut down. He is life itself, his spirit has been passed into every kind of harvest. Changed, he is reborn for life itself can never finally die. Bread is baked to symbolize the sun’s life energy reborn, this is the bread of life which arises from the sun’s sacrifice.

Think of this time as a harvest of your own life. Perhaps you made resolutions at new year or Candlemas, are you reaping rewards or still stagnant in growth? Lammas is a time to really think about any long-term harvest you may hope for. Think and visualize your “harvest” and what results you’d like to reap. This could be love, wisdom, prosperity, earth healing, children, etc. Whatever your goal, Lammas meditation removes obstacles and replaces them with long-term ideals. Here is a little blessing to recite with your intentions:

“now as the sun pours out his strength upon the earth, that the crops may ripen and the harvest may be great, I too offer my strength to Mother Earth. I bring forth….. (your intention to protect earth from further harm, where and when you can, or whatever goal or intention you wish to manifest).

Gather with family and friends and give thanks for the first signs of harvest in your life as well as in the field. What you do in fun and celebration on Lammas will enhance creativity in life.
Bright Blessings!!!!


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