Laser Wand Crystals – Straight to the Point

by Grant

Laser Wands

Laser Wand Quartz Crystals

Laser wands are a variety of quartz crystal, usually identified as a long crystal that gradually tapers from base to tip.  The facets at the tip are often very small, but should be present for the crystal to be effective as a laser wand.

The shape of these crystals focuses energy very tightly in the direction of the tip, and is immensely useful when  the object of your intent is located in a specific place that you could point to (such as a body part, another crystal, a stationary object, another person, etc).  They are often used at the top of staves, wands, and other items meant to send energy in a particular direction.  Their use in this way not only focuses the intent of the item in a certain direction, but also enhances the energy of all other stones and crystals in the object (all quartz crystal has this property!)

In addition to its ability to focus energy, laser wand quartz can also be used to ‘cut out’ negative things that have attached to us – negative energies, bad attitudes, self-destructive patterns, and other foreign influences can be separated out and dissipated using the energy or a laser wand.  Here’s an example of how you might do this:

  1. Cleanse your crystal using white sage smoke.
  2. Sit quietly and meditate on the specific energy you wish to be rid of – a good way to do this is to visualize a multicolored energy field around your body and search out any patches of grey, black or brown that manifest.  These are potentially hurt areas that need attenti0n.
  3. Carefully pick up your laser wand crystal and aim it toward yourself – begin above the head, and move the crystal slowly over your body until you feel a mild pressure.  Pass over the area a couple of times until you have it pinpointed.
  4. Visualize white light pouring from your own field, being focused and enhanced through the laser crystal, and reentering your body to break up the discolored areas.  Continue doing this until the area has cleared – usually less than a minute.
  5. Immediately cleanse yourself and the area with white sage smoke when you finish.

Note: This is not a practice to take lightly – work slowly and carefully!

Earth Lore carries laser wand crystals of various sizes, as well as white sage for cleansing.


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