by Kate

Ammonite Pair

Ammonite Pair

Ammonites are fossilized animal shells that are similar to that of a snail. Their name comes from Ammonis cornua (“horns of Ammon”) because the Egyptian god Ammon (Amun) donned ram’s horns which these fossils resemble. Ammonites are not only incredibly beautiful but the have wonderful healing properties as well.

Ammonites allow the user to keep in mind the larger picture when working through problems. It is an excellent stone for birthing or re-birthing. It relaxes one, while lifting away any depression that might hinder the emerging process. This stone also strengthens one’s survival instincts. It will help one through the cycles we face in life.

Ammonites are protective by nature, as they originally protected the creature who once inhabited its shell. It brings the user protection by adding stability and structure to one’s life. It helps dispel chaos and turns negative energy into smooth, flowing energy especially through the root chakra. Because it is attuned with this chakra, ammonites offer stability in being able to provide for oneself and others. It is a stone of grounding and security. In Native American tradition it is believed they brought good fortune.

Use with Petrified Wood or Amber, as these are Ammonites natural healing companions.


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