Natural Laundry Liquid

Have you ever wanted to make your own laundry detergent? It’s easier than you think! In preparation gather up large empty containers from old detergent, or even Juice bottles. All you need to get started is one bar of pure castile soap, washing soda, borax, water, and essential oils. All these items can be purchased at the grocery store with the exception of essential oil. Step one: Grate the bar of castile soap into a sauce pot with a cheese grater, add four cups HOT water and melt it down to liquid. Pour this into a sanitized five gallon bucket. Add 1 cup washing soda and 1/2 c Borax. Stir it up good and fill the rest of the way with water. Allow this bucket to completely cool before adding the essential oils.
Now we have five gallons of double strength detergent. Remember, this recipe makes ten gallons total so when it’s time to package only fill containers half full and top off with water. It’s time to add essential oils.  I strongly warn against using anything but PURE essential oils.  Diluted fragrance oils will stain clothing.

Use oils like  lemon, peppermint, tea tree, and lavender which are antiseptic, will repel moths,  plus aid in the cleansing process.  Eucalyptus essential oil kills dust mites and repels spiders.  To remove grease stains and smells from clothes, use orange oil in the mix.  Use about fifty to seventy drops total added directly to your double strength five gallon bucket, perhaps 10-12 drops each of six or seven oils.  Feel free to use only a combination of two or three just make sure the total added is equal to fifty to seventy drops.  After stirring the bucket thoroughly, use a pitcher to fill containers half way with concentrated soap and top off with water.  Now you have ten gallons of laundry detergent for a fraction of the store-bought price! By cutting costs like this you’ll have more  money to spend at Earth Lore on your essential oils!!! Namaste.


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