Danburite – Clearing the Path


Danburite Crystal

This universe that we live in is a constant state of change.  Try as we might (and we do try), there is nothing that can be done to stop this ever-persistent push forward along our respective paths.  Indeed, what could we gain by staying in place anyway?

Sometimes changes – even positive ones – can be a great source of stress and uncertainty.  This month, we’ll discuss danburite and its role in smoothing the way ahead in uncertain times.

Danburite exhibits several properties that can be invaluable for those facing large changes or decisions.  It can help awaken your inner guidance – the part of you who knows the way ahead and how best to apprehend it.  When held, it also assists in releasing the past, on both the emotional and karmic levels.

Danburite also enhances patience, and can reveal the positive aspects of the situation we find ourselves in.

Clearing the Path with Danburite

  • 1 Piece Danburite
  • At least 3 small strips (3 or 4-inch squares will be fine) of fabric from old clothing (it’s important that they belong to you)
  • A bowl of water
  • A pinch of salt
  • A sharpie (or anything that will write on fabric)

As with most practices, we recommend cleansing the area and your materials with white sage smoke before beginning.

  1. Find a quiet, peaceful place to sit without distraction.
  2. Lay your materials out in front of you
  3. On the first strip of fabric, write the name of what you would like to leave behind.  Avoid using people’s names – aim for things like “confusion” or “unhappiness”.  You may write more than one of these.
  4. On the second strip, write the name of something you would like to keep to help with your journey.  Again, avoid people’s names.  Try something like “patience” or “determination”.  Only write one of these.
  5. Finally, on the third strip, write the name of your goal.
  6. Place all of the strips in the bowl of water, and put the danburite crystal on top to keep them underwater.  The crystal charges the water, which in turn charges the strips of intentioned cloth.
  7. Sprinkle the salt into the water in a spiral pattern, starting at the center and circling outward.
  8. Take the bowl and leave it in a safe place outdoors.
  9. When 24 hours have passed, take the wet cloth strips out of the bowl.
  10. Bury the strip(s) that represent things to be left behind.  Hang from a tree or bush the one representing that which helps you in your journey.  Place the one symbolizing your goal in your clothing drawer.  Do not rinse or wash it further.
  11. The water should be poured down the drain, or into another source of running water.

Earth Lore, as always, handles all of the materials mentioned in this practice (except your old clothing).

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