Bismuth – Stone of Connection

by Grant


Bismuth Crystal

When it’s cold outside and many of us haven’t seen the sun in a few months, we can begin to feel a little isolated from the rest of humanity.  Even those of us who work with people every day can, at times, feel disconnected from our local and global communities.  Lots of people feel this way.

There are all sorts of things out there meant to alleviate these kinds of feelings – everything from prescriptions and herbal remedies to simply getting out more.  In the crystal and mineral spectrum, however, bismuth is the crystal of choice in these situations.  It is known to alleviate feelings of loneliness or disconnectedness, and helps one to feel more in touch with the present moment and the rest of humanity.

This month, I’d like to offer a simple practice with Bismuth to help with the wintertime isolation blues.

  • A piece of crystalline Bismuth
  • 1 piece of red thread

As usual, cleanse your materials first by smudging with white sage, or holding in running water for a moment.

More often than not, practices like these are done by yourself in a quiet place to help center your energy.  Well, this time we’re going to do something different – that is, you will need to find a place with people in it where you can sit quietly and not be disturbed.  Libraries, book stores, and cafeterias are good for this.

  1. Meditate on the shape of the bismuth crystal – a great network of bends and twists, peaks and valleys – all winding together to make the whole crystal.  People are all connected in this way.
  2. Hold the bismuth in your left hand.
  3. Now, casually scan the people around you for those who are giving off good energy.  They will often be the ones smiling, but sometimes can be found deep in thought or hard at work.  People give off lots of different kinds of energy – use your intuition.
  4. Realize that you have a fundamental connection with each of these people.  They are family and friends of friends and family, and the good energy they are giving away is also yours to share.
  5. Visualize the stone absorbing some of this energy, and glowing with a soft blue light.
  6. Return some good energy by quietly and sincerely hoping these people fare well on their journey.
  7. Repeat 1-6 as often as you like.  Do not re-cleanse the crystal.
  8. Tie the thread around the bismuth crystal, and hang it near the front entrance of your home where it can interact with the energy of everyone who comes and goes – strengthening the connection.

The energy from this simple talisman can keep you spiritually warm on the coldest winter nights.


Earth Lore carries bismuth crystals – and if you ask nicely we might even give you some red thread for it.

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