Nazar and the Evil Eye


Nazars (evil eye talismans)

Sounds like a chapter from Harry Potter, doesn’t it?  Well, it’s nothing so fantastical… but much more interesting.  Today we’re going to explore what is likely the most popular protective talisman Americans are not familiar with.  I am speaking of the nazar, or ‘Evil Eye Stone‘.

First, though, a brief overview of what these talismans are created to protect against.  In the Mediterranean (Greece, Iran, Turkey, etc) there is a widespread belief that certain people with particularly piercing gazes can give you bad fortune just by looking at you.  It is also believed that ordinary people can (unintentionally) bring bad luck to one another by looking at something (a person, an object, anything) with envy or jealousy.  Both of these describe the effects of the ‘evil eye’, and it is this which the nazar is made to ward off.

The nazar (aka Lucky Eye, Evil Eye Stone) is usually a flat circle of glass or a bead with circular markings, which looks like a wide-open, gazing eye.  Eye symbols are considered to be protective all over the world, and it’s said that the evil eye talisman moved to the Mediterranean from Egypt, where it invoked the ever-watchful eye of the god Horus, who would watch over the wearer and protect them form thieves and dishonest people.

The use is very easy – simply wear one as jewelry, or put one on anything that might draw anyone’s envy.  Traditionally common objects protected by a nazar are people, cars, houses, businesses, babies, and even cellphones.

Earth Lore, of course, carries nazar bracelets, charms, and other items!

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  1. Becky said,

    April 18, 2011 at 7:46 pm

    Very interesting!

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