Earth Lore Livonia: Moving May 31, 2011

As many of our regular customers already know, Earth Lore is going to be closing its Livonia location on May 31st, 2011 and moving the inventory to our larger Plymouth location.  We have spent 14 wonderful and successful years serving the community there, and the business has finally outgrown our first tiny shop to the extent that we feel the time is right to make this change.

In 2003, we opened our much larger Plymouth location with the intention of moving the entire business there.  Instead, we found ourselves with two full-scale shops that were each successful in their own right.  While we couldn’t be happier about the community support that made this happen, Earth Lore is still a very small business with a very small staff, and is more suited to one location than two.

Now, eight years later, we are finishing the move we began when we opened Earth Lore Plymouth.  We chose downtown Plymouth for several reasons: better parking, a thriving downtown full of other small shops and restaurants, a MUCH bigger space (4 times the size of the Livonia store!), local festivals, etc.  It’s a vibrant, beautiful downtown area and complements Earth Lore nicely.

Most of all, we chose Plymouth for its proximity to Livonia – less than 10 miles from our Livonia shop!  In changing our location, we wanted to do our best not to lose the customers that make the store possible to begin with.  We know that moving the store at all is inconvenient to some folks, but promise that the Plymouth store is well worth the short extra trip!

On behalf of all of us here at Earth Lore, we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making these stores possible.  It is your interest and support that not only allows us to be in this most unusual of businesses, but also for making the journey worth the while.

The Earth Lore Staff

Get the Most Out of Your Angel Card Reading

Whether you are new to the realm of oracle card reading, or you own every deck the infamous Doreen Virtue has ever published; this quick guide is meant to give beginners and seasoned readers alike a more meaningful, decisive card reading.  Try these tips with self-readings and service readings for others.  Take time practicing your own variations on these tips. With a little patience and a little practice, you will find a reading regimen that works best for you!


There are many ways to choose an Angel Card deck. The trick is to find the way that works for YOU. No one method is better than the next when it comes to making such a personal decision…and choosing your deck is a very personal decision. Try not to be swayed by the input of others. Here are some tips when shopping for your Angel Card deck. Following these tips will help insure you get the best deck for your needs, that works best with your energy.

  • Choose to buy your deck on the new moon of the month. Energy will be high for new beginnings and manifesting future dreams on that day.
  • Take time in the days leading up to the new moon to meditate on choosing your deck. As you meditate, visualize yourself finding the perfect deck. See yourself find the deck that has been waiting for you. Ask your Angels and Spirit Guides to unite you with your perfect deck.
  • It is highly recommended that you shop alone for your deck on this day. This will allow you the peace and personal time you will need to make the best choice.
  • More than one deck may call out to you as you are shopping on the new moon. You may need to step away for a moment to meditate. Center yourself and call on your Angels again to help you choose wisely.
  • Hold each deck that calls to you in your hands. Close your eyes for a moment with each one and feel its energy. If you get tingles, feel heat throughout your body or just in your hands, if you start feeling emotional, or if you see an Angel appear in your mind’s eye, this may be the deck for you!
  • Choose the deck from which you receive the most spiritual feedback.


Keep in mind, these tips will work whether you are doing a personal or service reading. However, additional steps are recommended for better accuracy when giving readings to another person (a service reading). As soon as you open your new Angel Card deck, be sure to cleanse it with white sage, and prepare a safe and cleansed space to store it. A bag or box with clear quartz and a few white sage leaves inside is highly recommended! Once your deck is cleansed and has a proper home, it is ready to be programmed and used.

  • Using white sage, cleanse a quite, comfortable space to do your reading. Clear the space of clutter and distractions. Turn off your phone.
  • Lay a special cloth over the space where you will spread your cards. The cloth may be of any material or pattern, as long as it is meaningful to you. (Note: if you are doing a service reading, you may want to substitute with a cloth chosen by the patron of your service.)
  • Do not clutter your reading space. You may choose to burn one white candle (or any color you feel you need). You may place a sentimental object in the reading space as well: a picture of the person you will be inquiring about, an item from a deceased loved one, or a token of gratitude to your Angel helpers!
  • Before you begin shuffling, hold the deck in your hands and program it with a prayer of intention. You may want to cleanse and reprogram your deck every time you use it, as your need for guidance may change from reading to reading. Your prayer of intention may be as simple or complex as you wish, but make sure it is focused and precise. Pray to the Angels to give you the best guidance for the situation about which you will soon inquire. Always close your prayer with a word of gratitude for whatever guidance you will receive.
  • Choose your questions wisely! Always ask for guidance for the highest good of all involved. Refrain from phrasing asking questions which promote the “commanding of” or “forcing your will upon” others. Do not let your ego get in the way of pure Angelic guidance. You may need to do a short breathing exercise and meditation before you ask your question. This will help you ask the right questions, resulting in helpful guidance for the highest good of all involved. Keep shuffling until the right question comes to you. Ask the question aloud 3 times.
  • Place the deck on your cloth. Cut the deck once, then draw the cards for your layout from the top of the deck (I highly recommend the 3-card “Past, Present, Future” layout). You are now ready to start interpreting!
  • Use your intuition along with the included guidebook for your specific deck. If you are having trouble interpreting the card layout, ask your Angel helpers for one “clarify-er” card. Draw one addition card and place it above your layout for additional guidance.
  • Keep a blank journal, and pen handy in case you wish to write any notes down from your reading.
  • Be sure to thank the Angels for their help before closing your reading.

I hope these little tips help you get the maximum divine guidance from every reading you do for yourself and others!

Did you know…?

by: Angela

Whether you are a brand new customer, or a decade-old patron, there are some things about Earth lore you may not know. This article highlights our patron programs, special product lines, and company tidbits that all of our customers should know. Read on and discover more things to love about Earth lore!

Meet Leo, our Shop Cat!


  • Earth lore has been a family-owned business since 1997?
  • We hand-select most of our crystals, minerals, and jewelry pieces for the BEST quality and price point?
  • We carry over 60 varieties of organic dried herbs and resins?
  • We carry an extensive line of Yogi brand teas?
  • We carry a full line of Circle E brand fine jarred candles?

Kokopelli, the legendary Hopi Indian Kachina is our mascot!


  • We have a “Frequent Patron Program”? On the back of our business card you will see 10 squares that long to be punched with our special Celtic Knot symbol. For every $10.00 you spend in a single sale, you will receive a punch on one of our cards. Once you collect 10 punches, the card will be worth $10.00 dollars off a purchase of $10.00 or more on you NEXT visit. This program is our way of saying “THANK YOU” to our most loyal customers, and to encourage our new patrons to come back and see us!
  • We have a used book program? Bring in your GENTLY used metaphysical/new age books for us to see. You will receive 15% of the retail price of each book we buy in STORE CREDIT. Please note we do not accept fiction books, and our choice to buy your books may depend on our current stock. This is a great way to rack up store credit toward your favorite Earth lore merchandise!
  • We have a layaway program? If you’ve had your eye on a pricey statue, or an extravagant piece of jewelry, stake your claim now with our layaway program. Just 20% down is all it takes to put your cherished item(s) on layaway. See a staff member for more details and program rules.
  • We have Gifts Certificates!
  • You can “friend” us now on MySpace and Facebook?

Thank you for your continued patronage. We couldn’t do this without loyal customers like YOU!

Overcoming Grief

Cypress Tree

By: Angela

As human beings, we all endure losses, traumatic events, or a crisis of some kind over the course of our lives. Though each of us has our own unique way of coping with hardships and losses, the earth has provided us with universal tools to aid us in our journey back to joy. No matter the loss, the following tools will aid in overcoming grief, healing a broken heart, easing depression and loneliness, and promoting inner peace.


Used for centuries by mystics of many cultures, Cypress oil is an aromatheraputic tool used in healing and protection rituals. When burned in the home, or worn in a talisman, Cypress oil is a powerful symbol of eternity, healing, and love. Use in times of crisis such as the death of a friend or family member or the end of a significant relationship. Burn the oil in an aroma diffuser every night before bed until your grieving period subsides. You may also put 30 drops of oil in a 4oz spray bottle of distilled water. This spray can be used to mist over your aura when you are grieving, or feeling depressed.


  • Apache Tears: Helps one relieve sadness and overcome grief
  • Lepidolite: Aids in relieving depression and anxiety
  • Amethyst: Calms fears and helps dispel fear and anger
  • Botswana Agate: Eases loneliness and protects one from negative influences
  • Rose Quartz: Promotes love and harmony


  • St. John’s Wort: Helps ease depression
  • Kava-Kava: Aids in relaxation
  • Ginseng: Boosts energy and vitality

Lastly, remember that grief and sadness are normal human experiences. You are not alone in the universe. Use the tools provided here as a supplement to professional counseling, and releasing emotions by writing daily in your journal.

All of the tools above are available at Earth Lore in Plymouth, MI.

Peace be with you.

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