Did you know…?

by: Angela

Whether you are a brand new customer, or a decade-old patron, there are some things about Earth lore you may not know. This article highlights our patron programs, special product lines, and company tidbits that all of our customers should know. Read on and discover more things to love about Earth lore!

Meet Leo, our Shop Cat!


  • Earth lore has been a family-owned business since 1997?
  • We hand-select most of our crystals, minerals, and jewelry pieces for the BEST quality and price point?
  • We carry over 60 varieties of organic dried herbs and resins?
  • We carry an extensive line of Yogi brand teas?
  • We carry a full line of Circle E brand fine jarred candles?

Kokopelli, the legendary Hopi Indian Kachina is our mascot!


  • We have a “Frequent Patron Program”? On the back of our business card you will see 10 squares that long to be punched with our special Celtic Knot symbol. For every $10.00 you spend in a single sale, you will receive a punch on one of our cards. Once you collect 10 punches, the card will be worth $10.00 dollars off a purchase of $10.00 or more on you NEXT visit. This program is our way of saying “THANK YOU” to our most loyal customers, and to encourage our new patrons to come back and see us!
  • We have a used book program? Bring in your GENTLY used metaphysical/new age books for us to see. You will receive 15% of the retail price of each book we buy in STORE CREDIT. Please note we do not accept fiction books, and our choice to buy your books may depend on our current stock. This is a great way to rack up store credit toward your favorite Earth lore merchandise!
  • We have a layaway program? If you’ve had your eye on a pricey statue, or an extravagant piece of jewelry, stake your claim now with our layaway program. Just 20% down is all it takes to put your cherished item(s) on layaway. See a staff member for more details and program rules.
  • We have Gifts Certificates!
  • You can “friend” us now on MySpace and Facebook?

Thank you for your continued patronage. We couldn’t do this without loyal customers like YOU!

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