Get the Most Out of Your Angel Card Reading

Whether you are new to the realm of oracle card reading, or you own every deck the infamous Doreen Virtue has ever published; this quick guide is meant to give beginners and seasoned readers alike a more meaningful, decisive card reading.  Try these tips with self-readings and service readings for others.  Take time practicing your own variations on these tips. With a little patience and a little practice, you will find a reading regimen that works best for you!


There are many ways to choose an Angel Card deck. The trick is to find the way that works for YOU. No one method is better than the next when it comes to making such a personal decision…and choosing your deck is a very personal decision. Try not to be swayed by the input of others. Here are some tips when shopping for your Angel Card deck. Following these tips will help insure you get the best deck for your needs, that works best with your energy.

  • Choose to buy your deck on the new moon of the month. Energy will be high for new beginnings and manifesting future dreams on that day.
  • Take time in the days leading up to the new moon to meditate on choosing your deck. As you meditate, visualize yourself finding the perfect deck. See yourself find the deck that has been waiting for you. Ask your Angels and Spirit Guides to unite you with your perfect deck.
  • It is highly recommended that you shop alone for your deck on this day. This will allow you the peace and personal time you will need to make the best choice.
  • More than one deck may call out to you as you are shopping on the new moon. You may need to step away for a moment to meditate. Center yourself and call on your Angels again to help you choose wisely.
  • Hold each deck that calls to you in your hands. Close your eyes for a moment with each one and feel its energy. If you get tingles, feel heat throughout your body or just in your hands, if you start feeling emotional, or if you see an Angel appear in your mind’s eye, this may be the deck for you!
  • Choose the deck from which you receive the most spiritual feedback.


Keep in mind, these tips will work whether you are doing a personal or service reading. However, additional steps are recommended for better accuracy when giving readings to another person (a service reading). As soon as you open your new Angel Card deck, be sure to cleanse it with white sage, and prepare a safe and cleansed space to store it. A bag or box with clear quartz and a few white sage leaves inside is highly recommended! Once your deck is cleansed and has a proper home, it is ready to be programmed and used.

  • Using white sage, cleanse a quite, comfortable space to do your reading. Clear the space of clutter and distractions. Turn off your phone.
  • Lay a special cloth over the space where you will spread your cards. The cloth may be of any material or pattern, as long as it is meaningful to you. (Note: if you are doing a service reading, you may want to substitute with a cloth chosen by the patron of your service.)
  • Do not clutter your reading space. You may choose to burn one white candle (or any color you feel you need). You may place a sentimental object in the reading space as well: a picture of the person you will be inquiring about, an item from a deceased loved one, or a token of gratitude to your Angel helpers!
  • Before you begin shuffling, hold the deck in your hands and program it with a prayer of intention. You may want to cleanse and reprogram your deck every time you use it, as your need for guidance may change from reading to reading. Your prayer of intention may be as simple or complex as you wish, but make sure it is focused and precise. Pray to the Angels to give you the best guidance for the situation about which you will soon inquire. Always close your prayer with a word of gratitude for whatever guidance you will receive.
  • Choose your questions wisely! Always ask for guidance for the highest good of all involved. Refrain from phrasing asking questions which promote the “commanding of” or “forcing your will upon” others. Do not let your ego get in the way of pure Angelic guidance. You may need to do a short breathing exercise and meditation before you ask your question. This will help you ask the right questions, resulting in helpful guidance for the highest good of all involved. Keep shuffling until the right question comes to you. Ask the question aloud 3 times.
  • Place the deck on your cloth. Cut the deck once, then draw the cards for your layout from the top of the deck (I highly recommend the 3-card “Past, Present, Future” layout). You are now ready to start interpreting!
  • Use your intuition along with the included guidebook for your specific deck. If you are having trouble interpreting the card layout, ask your Angel helpers for one “clarify-er” card. Draw one addition card and place it above your layout for additional guidance.
  • Keep a blank journal, and pen handy in case you wish to write any notes down from your reading.
  • Be sure to thank the Angels for their help before closing your reading.

I hope these little tips help you get the maximum divine guidance from every reading you do for yourself and others!

Candle Perfection!

Getting a candle to burn perfectly is not actually that hard.  Getting familiar with how to burn different styles of candle will make experiences more safe, economical, and pleasurable.  Burners will hardly even need cleaning when candles taken care of, as there will be no soot or wax left over.  Burning candles flawlessly is a form of art. Here are my favorite tips on get the most burn for your buck.

The smallest candle can sometimes bring the most clarity.  Meditation candles, also called “chime candles” after the popular angel chime Christmas decorations, are about one half-inch in diameter and four inches high. They burn two to two and a half hours each.  Always use a mini candle holder to burn these, also set the holder on a plate to catch running wax.  I usually don’t worry about trimming the wick as long as they are short and burning in a draft-free area.  If you choose to anoint the candle with oil, please use natural essential oils. Sometimes it’s nice to scratch  names or an affirmations into the wax before lighting the candle. The purpose is to send your intentions into the universe, manifested.  If the goal is to burn a bunch of candles and you don’t have burners, put at least an inch of sand into the bottom of a dish and stick the candles into the sand.  Always watch these quick burning candles, especially if you’re burning them in sand.  For extra meditation candle fun, combine color and aromatherapy, or consult Llewellyn’s 2011 spell-a-day almanac.  Large dinner candles  can also be used in meditation.  We carry high quality hand dipped tapers from Canada.

Although a burning candle should never be left alone, votives are a good choice of candle for burning in bedrooms and bathrooms.  Smaller areas really don’t need all the scent thrown from a large candle anyways.  The typical votive lasts up to fifteen hours.  The snugger the fit of candle in holder, the longer it will burn.  More space left on the sides of the candle allows more heated air to circulate around the flame, thus burning the wax faster.  If the holder is shorter than the candle, the wax will spill all over as it liquefies.  Removing the bottom sticker on candles is important and easy to forget.  I’ve just about given my self a heart attack more than once when out of the corner of my eye flames are shooting out of my burner.  When the candle is gone and left over wax remains in the burner there are easy ways of getting it out.  Think ahead by adding about half a teaspoon of water to the bottom of a votive glass. This prevents the wax from ever bonding to the bottom of the container.  The second method employs the freezer.  Make sure the wax has cooled to a solid and place container in the freezer for about one hour.  Free wax from sides of container with a butter knife if it doesn’t just fall out.  If neither of these work,slowly heat a small amount of water in a pot, set container in the warm water.  Soon the wax will start to liquefy and release from the bottom and sides of container.  Do not let any water get into the wax, this will cause a huge spattery mess.  Pour out what you can, wipe with tissue, wipe with vegetable oil, and last wash with hot soapy water to remove any traces of oil.  I say clean waxy glass with vegetable oil because as we learned in chemistry; like dissolves like-and it works. If black soot accumulates around the rim, wipe with a dry paper towel or even newspaper. Whatever the reason, dry works better than moist towels when it’s soot you’re dealing with.

Pillar candles look elegant and offer a warm glow.  Always make sure to trim the wick to one-quarter inch before lighting.  Allow to wax pool to extend all the way across the top, and if the sides start bowing out hug the edges in toward the flame by gently pushing in with thumbs .  Typically, this takes one hour for every inch across, and when done properly prevents the candle from tunneling.  If tunneling already has begun and you’re trying to keep the wick from being buried there’s a couple of ways of trouble shooting the problem.  Start by removing only the carbon buildup from the wick tip.  This usually resembles a little mushroom on the top.  If the candle will not stay lit try heating with a lighter while holding sideways to drip out over a coffee can, trash bag, etc revealing the wick.  Keep the candle burning by pouring out small amounts of wax as needed while hugging the tall sides in as they soften.Eventually the walls will level with the center  Once in a while, I’ve had one so bad that I pull out a saw and cut off some of the top rim.  If the wick is  far down the wax sides will only continue to drown it. To prevent tunneling,  make sure the wick is center when you blow it out. If it’s leaning to one side, use the end of your wick trimmers or a pencil to push it to center while the wax is still warm.  When the wax cools the wick will remain centered and ready for the next time it’s lit. If you need to blow a candle out early, just allow it to burn a little longer next time to even it out.  Don’t forget to use a pillar plate or coaster to protect surfaces from oil staining.

Jar candles are a low maintenance way of enjoying light and fragrance.  Really, the only keys to remember are keep the wicks centered and trimmed to prevent the flame from touching the side of the jar, blackening it or breaking it. Allow them to burn one hour for every inch in diameter to make sure all the surface wax pools.  Extinguish flame when there is less than half an inch of wax remaining in the glass. The glass gets extremely hot when the candle is that low and could ruin table surfaces or crack the glass.

Take into consideration what’s overhead and underfoot in areas you burn candles.  For instance, a candle may look nice on a shelf above the television but what happens if there is an accident?  Or areas where there are pictures or cabinets overhead, feel the areas above burning candles and make sure they’re not getting too hot.  The same rule applies to burning clusters of different height candles, if placed too close together they will melt each others sides.  High traffic and pet areas are, for obvious reasons, big no-no’s as well.  Instead of blowing candles use a snuffer to prevent spraying wax everywhere.  I hope these tips light the way to perfect candle burning and clarity.  If there are any further questions about, feel free to stop in the store and ask a sales associate.

The Power of an Hour



It’s easy to find your spiritual side meditating in your sacred space, singing hymns on Sunday morning or walking barefoot through a garden. It’s times like these that give us clarity, peace and most importantly a sense of connectedness in a rather unstable world. I’ve often wondered how I could create this kind of reality in my everyday existence. How does one stay Zen when your neighbor’s neurotic dog won’t stop barking? How would Jesus merge onto I275 during morning rush-hour? Did Kuan Yin ever have to juggle housework, a full-time career/school load, family obligations and keep her compassion for the needy?

In the burdens of our everyday existence, what seem to be irreverent, materialistic or earthly can become  just the spiritual transformation we need. Trials and suffering allow us to flex our spiritual muscles and raise our Divine Quotient.  I once read that any act, be it washing dishes or filing taxes can be a form of meditation or prayer if you allow it to be done with gratitude, love and grace. Consider how you write your mortgage/rent check. Do you grumble at the burden of paying  money out every month? Or with love and gratitude are you thankful for your ability to pay your bills… that you have work, that someone believed in you enough to trust they could give you a home on the faith that you would pay for it in time? It is with the mindset of gratitude that one can fill the emptiness in one’s life with Divinity.

For some this may be a very hard concept to put into practice. I’ve written up the following exercise for those who seek to bring spiritual balance in their life but aren’t sure where to begin. It’s called the Power of an Hour. It centers on timing  hourly intervals to keep you spiritually focused in the midst of your everyday reality. (You’ll need a watch or cell phone with an alarm. I prefer to use my phone on vibrate as it’s less obtrusive at work.)

As soon as you open your eyes in the morning, close them again and do one of the following as suits your path: pray, meditate, center yourself but above all GIVE THANKS to God/Great Spirit/ the Universe, etc . You’ve woken up today! 🙂

Set your watch/cell phone alarm for an hour later. I sometimes will set the time for a very specific number based on Doreen Virtue’s book: Angel Numbers which detail the meanings of numbers. For example, if I’ve been particularly stressed about my finances I will wake up at 7:38am (“738-You’ve accurately listened to your Divine Guidance, which has put you on the path of increased abundance.”) I give thanks for what I have and pray for Divine guidance in all matters  related to my finances. You can also simply make mental lists of things you are grateful for or would like help with. I then set my (silent vibrating) alarm for 8:38am, one hour later. (“838- Keep prayer and spirituality at the center of your consciousness, and avoid focusing on the material aspects of life.) I go about my morning getting ready for work and when my alarm vibrates again I take just a small moment to pray, center myself and bring spirituality into my life. It doesn’t have to be a lengthy ordeal, a minute or two will do. I continue this exercise throughout my day, resetting my alarm for the next hour.

But how can you do this at the office? Slip off to the water cooler or bathroom. Can’t do that every hour without getting strange looks, right? Well remember earlier, I mentioned that any act can be a spiritual act if done with love and grace? Here’s where that comes in.. If at 4:38p my alarm vibrates and I’m helping a customer, I take it as an opportunity to be thankful that I’m needed in my place of employment, while helping that person to the best of my ability. If your alarm goes off and your child is crying, or your spouse/friend/cat needs you.. Help them! After all, isn’t there something divine about selflessly giving of yourself through love and time for others? That is your moment for that hour. You’ve brought spirituality into your life with your actions! Isn’t it beautiful in it’s simplicity? Continue this until you are ready to turn in for the night.

There are many ways to enhance this simple practice. If you have Doreen Virtue’s Angel Numbers or any other numerology book, you can pick your times based off  what has most the spiritual intention for you.

If you enjoy working for healing crystals, add that to your ritual. (For example, whatever your trying to focus on that day.. Lapis lazuli for spiritual intuition, rhodonite for releasing and forgiveness, magnesite for creative endeavors, so on and so forth. When your alarm goes off, hold that stone and meditate focusing your intentions.)

The importance of doing this every hour is to create a heightened spiritual awareness. Though it may seem tedious, you’ll be surprised at how easy it really is. Practicing this exercise even just one a week, you’ll discover that Divinity can be anywhere,  in any thought and any action.

Saints: Healers and Helpers

by Kate


Catholic Saints

The healing power of saints has existed for two millennia and is still a time honored tradition today. Saints are not worshiped but rather are looked at as those who can interceded on our behalf because of their own faithfulness. In the same way one might ask a friend or relative to pray or light a candle for them, many people of all religious backgrounds turn to saints and angels for help and divine guidance.  Doreen Virtue, author and creator of Saints and Angels Oracle Cards, explains  that, “Since Christianity’s roots are found in more ancient belief systems of Judaism and  pantheism, I strongly believe that these… will benefit people of every religious and spiritual background. I’ve found the saints to be angelic, loving and powerful allies to anyone who calls on them, regardless of that person’s faith.”

Often times saints are designated as a patron saint of a particular cause or profession, or invoked against a specific illness or harm. It is customary to carry medallions, place statues or burn incense for the saints that one prays with for intercession. For example, many people in real estate are familiar with St. Joseph, the patron saint of homes. Burying a St. Joseph statue in the yard is a fast way to sell a home! (We have St. Joseph Home Seller Kits for only $5.95!)

Earth Lore carries a wide variety saints and angels products. We have saint medallions on beautiful prayer cards for $4.95.  Including:

  • Venerable Matt Talbot: Patron of those suffering for Alcoholism
  • Saint Charles Borromeo: Patron of those with Stomach Ailments
  • St. Jude: Patron Saint of Lost Causes and Desperate Situations
  • St. Rita: Patron of those who suffer Physical Abuse
  • St. Maximilian Kolbe: Patron of those who suffer from Addiction & Drugs
  • St. Catherine of Sweden: Patron of those who’ve suffered Miscarriage
  • St. Alphonsus Liguori: Patron of those with Arthritis
  • St. Agatha: Patron of those who have Breast Cancer
  • St. Peregrine: Patron of those with Cancer
  • St. Dymphna: Patron of those with Mental Illnesses
  • St. Nickolas: Patron of Sick Children

Earth Lore also carries a wide variety of Doreen Virtue’s Angel Card Decks ($15.95)  including the Saints & Angels Deck mention earlier. This deck is a highly recommended favorite by our staff for its loving accuracy and guidance. Earth Lore also keeps a regular stock of Saint Incense(only $.95 /box!) including: Archangel Michael for Physical and Spiritual Protection (myrrh scented), St. Joseph for Home Protection and Family Harmony (lavender scented), St Jude for Desperate Causes (musk scented) and Our Lady of Guadalupe for Health (rose scented).

Selenite – Stone of Clarity

Selenite Lamp

Selenite Lamp

by Grant

‘Selenite’ is the name we give to crystallized gypsum.  It normally forms in long clusters of flat, bladed, or needle-like crystals, and most commonly ranges from translucent tan to optically clear.  Many varieties exist, and it comes from practically every place on Earth, but usually what we see in the US is from Mexico or Brazil.

The first property of Selenite is to enhance clarity of thought and judgement.  It can help one to see the inner workings of a situation, and to make insightful and wise decisions.  Keep a piece near where you do most of your communicating, such as your computer or workplace.

Second, when placed in the for outermost corners of a home, it projects a protective grid around the house that protects from outside influences.  It also helps to promote peace within the home.

Finally, Selenite can enhance one’s ability to scry or to receive visions.  If you hold a piece in your hand and rub it with your thumb while you are meditating, is can assist in the receipt and comprehension of messages from your guides, ascended masters, and benevolent spirits

A word of caution – selenite is water-soluble.  That is to say, it will begin to dissolve if you get it wet.

Earth Lore handles several varieties of Selenite, including tumbled, spar, bladed, and lamps.

How to Choose Your Tarot

by Grant

If you’ve ever looked through one of our tarot cases, you know that there are a wide variety of decks available.  In fact, there are so many tarot decks being made that we can only really carry a very small selection of them.  How, then, does someone go about picking the deck that is right for them?  Good question!  So, to this end, this month we take a look at tarot decks, what makes one different than another, and some suggestions on how to go about choosing yours!

A Quick History
Though many people believe that the tarot originated with the ‘gypsies’, or nomadic tribes in Europe, there is little evidence to support this claim.  The earliest known examples of tarot cards originated in 15th century Italy, and were essentially playing cards with ‘trump’ set added to the standard numbered, suited cards.  At the time, decks of this nature were hand painted and therefore could only really be owned by the wealthy and royalty.

It wasn’t until 1781 that the practice of using the cards for divination became a public practice.  It it likely that they were previously being used for this purpose, but the first book exploring the symbolism and reading methods wasn’t published until that year (in Le Monde Primitif, by Antoine Court de Gebelin).

Tarot vs Oracles
The first thing to know when choosing a divination deck is that not all sets of cards are created equally.  We can divide these tools into two categories: Tarot and Oracle cards.

Tarot cards use four standard suits (minor arcana)- usually Swords, Cups, Wands and Pentacles, but sometimes they will substitute other symbols that fit more closely with the theme of the deck – and a trump suit (major arcana) of named cards, such as The Magician and The Tower.  For this reason, once you have begun to learn the meanings of tarot cards, you can easily switch from one deck to another with a dramatically reduced learning curve.

Oracle cards, though clearly based on the tarot concept, use a totally different organization to the deck.  Instead of the standard tarot suits and numbering system, oracles often have a much smaller and simpler set of cards with no suits or trump cards.  They might depict totem animals, angels, singular words, or just about anything.  The reading method is usually similar to tarot , but the skills you gain from learning to read the cards in one deck generally will not translate over to other oracle decks.

Choosing Your Tarot
So, if the suits and major cards in a deck of Tarot are essentially the same, and they are read the same way, then what is the difference between one deck and another?  Simply put, the choice lies in the artwork.  Every tarot deck is illustrated with a theme, or a set of pictures made in a certain style that relates to one another (and the meanings of the individual cards) in some way.  In essence, the deck that is right for your will contain artwork that you can relate to – which is something very personal and different for everyone.

Why is this so important?  Most people, when they begin to learn the tarot, start by trying to memorize the meaning of each individual card.  This can be a daunting task, if for no other reason than there being 78 cards in a standard tarot deck.  That’s a lot of memorizing!  The function of the artwork on the card is to help solidify the meaning in your mind.  In fact, many professional tarot readers do more interpretation of the artwork than recitation of the written card meanings.

Still having trouble choosing?  Try holding the decks you are considering in your hand and gauge how comfortable you feel handling them.  New tarot will usually be sealed, but you can still get the same effect by handling the box with the deck in it.  Pay attention to and trust your instincts here.  If you know how to use a pendulum, you also might use one to determine which deck is the best one for you.

In Conclusion
Tarot is one of the most detailed, well-respected methods of divination available today.  There is a definite learning curve in the beginning, but if you practice regularly it quickly becomes easier and eventually second-nature to consult the cards on a variety of topics for yourself or others!

Earth Lore carries an ever-changing variety of tarot decks at both locations.

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