Prasiolite – Light the Fuse!

by Grant

Prasiolite (aka ‘green amethyst’, ‘amegreen’, and ‘vermarine’) is a fibrous inclusion of magnesium and iron aluminosilicates in quartz.  In simpler terms, it’s very similar to amethyst except that it’s green.  It’s generally found in Brazil, though other deposits have been known to come from Canada and Poland.

This is a stone of prosperity, though not in the sense of winning money or coming upon it unexpectedly.  Prasiolite’s energy is geared strongly toward what really brings us success – wise decision-making, attraction of people and situations that further your goals, and strength to begin new ventures.  If you’re more inclined to work for what you want than to wait or gamble for it, prasiolite’s energy could be for you!

A Practice for Prosperity with Pennies and Prasiolite

  • 1 Piece of prasiolite
  • 1 Small object that symbolizes a new goal or venture
  • 1 Pouch or square of fabric in gold or purple
  • 1 Small dish or bowl
  • Enough pennies to fill the bowl

This simple practice creates building momentum toward your goal, and allows the exchange of prosperous energy between you and the universe around you.

As with all practices, it is recommended that you first cleanse your materials by passing them through white sage smoke (or with any cleansing method you are familiar with).

  1. Take a piece of prasiolite and place it in a gold or purple pouch with the small symbolic object.
  2. Place the pouch in the bowl, laying it as flat as possible against the bottom.
  3. Visualize your goals, and the vast network of people, money and situations that will be necessary to realize them.  With this image firmly fixed in your mind, pour pennies into the dish until they completely cover the pouch.
  4. Place this dish by your bedside.  Each day, re-visualize your goal and take a penny from the dish.  Over the course of the day, spend or donate the penny somewhere.  It doesn’t matter where.  If you lose the penny, or fail to spend it, place three in the dish to replace it at the end of the day.
  5. When all pennies are spent, give the stone away to someone who needs it.  Keep the symbolic object near where you do business.

Earth Lore carries the tumbled prasiolite, pouches, and white sage for this practice.

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