A Prayer for Peace



With the New Year on us, I thought it would be a good idea to start the year right, with a prayer for peace. What does peace mean to you? There are different forms of peace, world peace, inner peace, peace at work or home, and peace among family and friends. So when I say peace, what images come to mind? What areas of your life could use more peace? Some spiritual Guru’s talk about how we must have peace  within ourselves to invoke peace into our daily lives, which in turn will invoke peace out into the world. Which really, makes a lot of sense, how can we live chaotic lives, running around trying to spread peace, if we are supposed to be the reflection? How can we ask things of others if we haven’t tried them for ourselves? With the coming of 2006, I’ve heard a lot of talk about how this will be a year of change for a lot lf people. The messages that I’ve been receiving are to “flow with the change, don’t hang on, have faith and let go”. I feel that inner peace would help greatly with the forthcoming change, if we have inner peace it makees it much easier to ride the waves of life. So I have made up a ritual ( with the help of many others) to aid us in bringing in the New Year with peace.

1 white candle (any size or shape)
a pinch or two each of rose petals & lavender
1 bowl filled with water
1 piece each Rose Quartz & Chrysocolla
  1. Start by thinking of 1-4 areas in your life that you would like to bring peace to, as an example: worldly, home, self, relationships, etc.
  2. Surround yourself in a bubble of violet light for protection. Carve a peace symbol anywhere on the candle. Hold the candle in both hand’s while saying ” Great Spirit (or however you want to invoke the ONE) thank you for bringing peace and your pure love and light into all aspect’s of my life, now. So be it.”
  3. Now add the stones to the bowl of water, as you do say “Thank you Rose Quartz, for aiding me in bringing peace in (add an aspect of your life here that you’d like to bring peace to )”. Add the second stone to the bowl of water and repeat the same process. “Thank you Chrysocolla, for aiding me in bringing peace in (add an aspect of your life here that you’d like to bring peace to). So be it”
  4. Now add the herbs, as you do thank and bless each one with intention. “Thank you Rose petals for aiding me in bringing peace in (add an aspect of your life here that you’d like to bring peace to).” “Thank you Lavender for aiding me in bringing peace in (add an aspect of your life here that you’d like to bring peace to). So be it”
  5. Hold the bowl in both hands and visualize all areas of your life being peaceful. See each aspect as if it has already been filled with peace. Send peace from your heart, to your hands, to the water. Continue to visualize peace in your life for 15- 30 minutes.
  6. Repeat this fantastic prayer for peace, from Doreen Virtues book Archangels & Asended Masters: “God is peace. God is everywhere, therefore, peace is everywhere, in truth. This is the truth. And I thank you, God, for this truth. Thank you for sending your ministers of peace to watch over us now and always. Thank you Archangel Chamuel, for helping all of us find inner peace. Thank you, Buddha, for being the embodiment of peace. Thank you, Forseti, for successfully resolving conflict peacefully. Thank you, Kuan Ti, for your wise counsel with world leaders. Thank you, Maitreya, for replacing all anger with joy. Thank you Saint Francis, for helping us stay devoted to God’s peace. Thank you, Jesus, for overseeing humanity. Thank you, Serapis Bay, for helping us all live at our highest potential. Thank you, Yogananda, for helping us feel Divinely loved.” Then say “Peace, Peace, Peace”
  7. Take out the stones, you can leave them on your altar or carry them with you to help you be and spread peace in your daily life.
  8. Pour the bowl of water onto the Earth, see the water being like liquid peace and know that Mother Earth will aid you in bringing peace to all aspects of your life.
Ways to spread peace everyday:
1. Pray for peace
2. Create a peaceful work & home enviroment
3. Try not to judge yourself or others- think good thoughts
4. Share random kindness with strangers
5. Help those in need
6. Write peace on your waterbottle, or say peace to your water 3 times before drinking
7. Meditate, even if it’s only 10 minutes a day, it makes a difference
8. Visualize peace
9. Thich Nhat Hahn recommend’s a beautiful walking meditation to try: With the first step set the intention of LOVE energy emanating out of your foot and saturating the Earth. With the second step set the intention of PEACE energy emanating out or your foot and saturating the Earth. Practice as often as you can.
10. Speak up- do whatever you can to let our Government know that we want peace, we want to end the war and bring our troops home!
Here’s another prayer from Doreen Virtues book, Archangels & Ascended Masters:(it works with #1 & #10 together):
“Archangel Michael, I ask that you intervine in this situation to the degree that it is affecting me. Please release the spirits and lower energies in this area, and take them to the light for healing and transmutation. Ashtar, please watch over our planet and ensure it’s peace, balance, and intactness. Athena, please intervene to the degree that this situation involves me, and work with the world leaders toward alternatives to war. Ishtar, please help the people to show leadership and strength. Kuan Ti, please help us all have the foresight to know the effects of tomorrow of our actions today. Thank you heavenly leaders. Thank you God.Thank you for the peace surrounding and within this world. Thank you for the peace within the hearts of everyone, everywhere.”

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